Hello Dear Reader!! Welcome to Tight-N-Tone Fitness Studio’s first blog post!!



Perhaps you wondering what you’ll gain by coming to Tight-N-Tone Fitness Studio.  Will I loose weight?  Will I decrease my body fat and get stronger?  Well the answer is, “Yes!”.  But you can accomplish a lot more, too.


Attending our classes and following our tips may well deliver major health benefits that you never dreamed were associated with weight loss!!


Many people in the fitness community have the same idea: It’s time for some fresh looks and new approaches to a problem that seems to be becoming worse almost overnight- Obesity.  Research in the past few years has put a whole new perspective on the wisdom and benefits of weight control.


I think it’s safe to say that being overweight is not good for anybody.  From the insurgence of sickness and disease, there’s a clear possibility that too much fat in our bodies may cause certain chemical and hormonal changes, which in turn can cause major damage to our overall functionality.


Now here’s the crazy part.  The benefit that’s most immediate, but yet the most underrated by everyone.  Yet we know from observing everyone that it’s real.


Have you guessed?


It’s simple. You FEEL better!  And when you feel better you look better!!


What do we hear most often, when we make a decision to be live healthier?  “I have so much energy” or “This is unbelievable!” or “What a difference!”


When in actuality, if you lift a load off your back and knees, it’s only natural to feel incredibly lighter on your feet.  You can finally breathe easier, right?  A whole new, more active and happier lifestyle becomes available, does it not?


While most people view weight loss as only visible results- “How much did I loose?”- Tight-N-Tone looks at it like: “Look what I gained!”


When you FEEL better, you LOOK better!


Marci Lynn, President


Tight-N-Tone Fitness Studio




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