Support That Wins Championships!

Great job crossing that first hurdle! Sticking to your resolution of getting off to a strong start to accomplishing your health and fitness goals this year. No one can stop you, not even you if you committ to partying with us. Every drop of sweat has to come from your own effort, but we have the Cushy floor, Energizing music, BIG Mirrors, Exciting Atmosphere, and Great instructors to help get it done.

Easily Burn 300+ Calories!

There’s only 24 hours in a day, but your to-do list is long! If your ME time is at a premium, make it count. Easily burn 300+ calories, relieve stress, and improve your overall health in less than an hour with an intensely fun workout at Tight-N-Tone Fitness Studio.

Feel Good, Look Good!

We believe when you feel good you look good! Any time your mind, body, and soul moves in the same direction, which is up, you get a glow about you that others notice. At Tight-N-Tone Fitness Studio we want you to light up the New-Ken Valley every time you leave one of our awesome classes. Don’t wait, bring a friend and get it in!

People nowadays are looking for a reason to be motivated to workout. That very “reason” has to be greater than their reason to make excuses as to why they cannot workout.  Most people are comfortable with being comfortable and don’t want to change because change exposes the facade and forces the person to face their fears and to admit that they are comfortable with being lazy.

At Tight N’ Tone Fitness Studio we want to be the vehicle that ignites the community to a breakthrough in the realm of living a healthy, holistic, and productive lifestyle. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you have an energy and confidence that is exclusive to only you, and this feeling is addictive and becomes something that you will crave.


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Pick a convinent class time

You can view our list of  classes on the Events Page. We have strength training, super fun group aerobics, kids cardio, Active Senior, Fit Mom, and seduction and fantasy classes so far.

“A human being always acts and feels and performs in accordance with what he imagines to be true about himself and his enviornment.”

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, MD, FICS (Plastic Surgeon)

“You guys are Amazing and your energy is Fierce!!!”

Diana Morse


 “The best instructors in the world. The best booty poppin, ab working, thigh toning fun fitness you’ll ever have!

Monique Smith

Membership has Priviledges!

Make Tight-N-Tone Fitness your go to website for a healthy good time, and products that pamper you long after a grueling workout.

Make Tight-N-Tone Fitness Studio your home gym because we do it like you want it done! You are royalty to us, more precious than Diamonds and Gold. We stay on the ready with a smile, a delicious hydration station, and a killer workout just like you like. 

Our secret sauce is the support, and behavioral modification  formula that only members and constant vistors to Tight-N-Tone Fitness learn about first.

Fitness Challenges and more!

Come Party With Us This Lovely Weekend February 18, 2017!!

Bring your family, tell your friends and create some beautiful memories working out together, like never before.  Ladies and Gentleman the Hall of Fame line dance leader Roland Ford will be hosting, “Dance To Be Fit”.  This will be an extremely enjoyable two hours of sweetiness. Here’s the breakdown:

  • First hour we will be learning high energy routines designed to incenerate calories.
  • Second hour “Party Time”, learn all the moves to your favorite line dances without worrying about sweating out your hair, or looking too soft dropping it low flo while you Wooble!
  • Get healthier, and enjoy a great time out with friends.

Coming Soon!! Our Line of Pampering Products.

Tight-N-Tone Fitness Studio will also feature a line of products designed to rejuevenate the body after a  grueling workout.  Some products will address relief for muscle soreness, but we didn’t forget about products made to keep that beautiful skin at it’s best.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the full line.


Feel free to contact us for a consultation.



Individual Class
$8.oo / class
  • Try any class in any time slot
  • See how T-N-T can suit your needs 
  • Burn a quick 300+ calories  and get back in your grove!
Monthly Membership
$35.00 / month
  • Unlimited Classes! 
  • $5.00 Discount for referring another member!
  • Early eligibility for specialty classes and events!
Goals Getters!
$weat / month
  • What’s your goal? 
  • Are you serious about reaching that goal? 
  • Celebrate every goal you meet at T-N-T! 


Feel free to contact us with questions or for consultation: (878) 302-3050

936 4th Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 15068